MediaREDEF – awesome daily newsletter

If you have any interest at all in the media industry, or technology, or startups or the world around us and the people in it then you should subscribe to this newsletter. Every day it provides a list of interesting longer form articles on a variety of topics from publishers including:

  • The Guardian
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  • The Atlantic
  • The Verge
  • Medium

Also, if you’re in the UK timezone then it’s currently arriving around 12.30 so perfect for something to read over lunch.

The website is but just go on there to subscribe to the newsletter.

He has another one, FashionREDEF which is also good but I’m not as interested in fashion so don’t tend to read that many articles from it. Also I’ve usually spent a fair amount of time reading the MediaREDEF articles first so can’t commit the same time to FashionREDEF.