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This is a fantastic BBQ site run by a guy called Meathead Goldwyn. It describes itself as being “all about the science of barbecue, grilling and outdoor cooking”. The fact that it separates barbecue from grilling tells you something already, and then he goes further to differentiate outdoor cooking as well.

The real appeal to me about this site though is the rigorous application of the scientific method to BBQ. Meathead is not afraid to show you graphs of pork temperatures, and will test methods and tell you which works best. eg searing steaks first, vs his reverse sear method – contrary to popular belief, searing does not seal in juices and is best done at the end of cooking.

In the US, barbecue is a competitive activity and this site is a perfect example of the sharpening focus of competition. The food is always going to taste good, but when you are competing you have that impetus to go further and really understand how to make it even better. Meathead reports back on the knowledge gained for competition, so that you can make much better barbecue at home. In particular buying  a digital themometer will make a big difference to your cooking and the namesake amazing ribs are truly amazing.

The site is very US focused which makes things more difficult for someone in the UK who does not have access to 4 different cuts of ribs, but there is loads of good stuff here. You will however end up feeling pretty superior to anyone who suggests boiling ribs first, or cooking them in the oven for 30 min before finishing on the barbecue. Ribs take 4 hours, there are no shortcuts.

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